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Welcome to Bostadskonsult Relocation

Bostadskonsult Relocation Stockholm is a Swedish company founded in 1996 providing full service to companies and embassies relocating members of staff to Sweden.
The company has a wide network ensuring solutions to the customerís request of accommodation or premise in the Stockholm region.
We contribute with a full range of information, advice and practical matters in the settling in of your employees.

Bostadskonsult Relocation Stockholm offers individual service and high flexibility in every measure towards a complete establishment in terms of housing, public service and personal demands.
We tailor our time according to your area of preference. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible, so that the expat can put full focus on the new job.

Bostadskonsult Relocation Stockholm is a full member of The Swedish Association of Relocation and Rental Agents (SHRF).

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